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US Army Sniper - Alpha Squad APK

Developer: Game Byte Studio
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ApkLizard Editor's Team Note (Android US Army Sniper - Alpha Squad 1.9)
US Army Sniper - Alpha Squad Game is developed by Game Byte Studio and published in Action category on 2018-02-21 . US Army Sniper - Alpha Squad 's latest version is 1.9. According to our rating team, US Army Sniper - Alpha Squad 's rating score is 3.9 / 5. Please let us know any kind of comments or problems you face by commenting below.

US Army Sniper - Alpha Squad Description

The US is under attack.

In this age of terror, you are the US military’s only hope and the best US army sniper shooter commando of this era. The army defense system alone is not good enough to fight back, which drives us to call you, our best Alpha sniper assassin, to the battlefield in this ultimate sniper shooting 3d game. The enemy possesses powerful military troops, snipers and helicopters, and it is your mission to kill their soldiers, destroy their armed forces, and strike back as hard as you can.

In US Army Sniper: Alpha Squad, it is now time to demonstrate your deadly sniper shooting skills at the arena in the best sniper 3D game. As the Alpha US Army sniper shooter, represent the armed forces as you go against the deadly enemy.

US Army Sniper: Alpha Squad is a complete sniper shooter game offering intense action. The enemy’s military helicopters, warplanes and snipers are raiding the country’s civilian areas and converting it into a battlefield. They have set up their base camp here and are invading your country with their heavy machinery, armed services and ammunition, turning every place into a sniper 3D battlefield. As the best Alpha US Army Sniper shooter, you need to prepare for the ultimate war against the enemy. Show off your unparalleled commando skills in this sniper shooting game by striking fiercely on the enemy’s troops and base camp, proving your mettle as the best Alpha shooter.

The enemies are spread out in the battlefield. Use your ammo wisely and kill the enemy soldiers in competitive sniper shooting before they get a chance to aim at you in this sniper 3D game. Be very vigilant with your attack, as the enemy will be ready to retaliate as soon as you open fire. Do not let your guard down, commando!

Face the most challenging battle attack in the history of America by playing this sniper shooting 3D challenge. Eliminate all the enemies in every level with the best shootout performances. Destroy all of them and abolish their base camp to be the best Alpha US army commando of this thrilling game play.

• Easy controls
• Quick attacks and agile graphics
• Automatic gun reloads

• Multiple challenging sniper 3D missions
• Thrilling epic battles against the fierce enemy
• Stunning 3D graphics for a realistic war experience
• Panoramic view of the battlefield
• Breathtaking sound effects

So slip on your uniform, pick up your guns and enter the battle field in the best US army Sniper Shooter game. Download now to get the best battlefield commando experience!

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