Pedometer APK

Pedometer APK

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ApkLizard Editor's Team Note (Android Pedometer 1.0.1)
Pedometer App is developed by AppDoctors and published in Health & Fitness category on 2018-09-26 . Pedometer 's latest version is 1.0.1. According to our rating team, Pedometer 's rating score is 0 / 5. Please let us know any kind of comments or problems you face by commenting below.

Pedometer Description

The best easy to use pedometer or step counter will make it easy to count steps while walking along with calorie counter & BMI calculator. It will be the best app which allows all these calculations so easy and fast. It will count your step accurately and will notify you whenever your goal limit reached. It will generate results quickly as well whenever you try to use it as calorie counter or BMI calculator.
Features of pedometer with calorie counter & BMI:
The features of step counter are listed below:
Pedometer, step counter: The main functionality of the app is that it can count your steps and will notify you on completing your goal. It will show you counted steps in shape of a circle which will make you easily understand step counter.
Calorie counter: The calorie counter app will make it easy to count calories by providing some easy details. It will suggest you that how much calories you have to eat to gain or lose weight. Calorie counter will show you the numbers of calories which you eat full day.
BMI calculator: BMI calculator will ask you for your age, sex, weight and height and then give you exact numbers of your BMI instantly. It will show you that how much healthy you are after calculating your BMI with BMI calculator.
Save entry of BMI or calorie calculator: pedometer will allow to save any entry of BMI calculator or calorie counter with name so it will be more easy to remember the value of BMI or calorie counter on any specific day.
How to calculate calories using calorie counter?
- Open calorie counter & provide the name of the person (in case you want to save entry)
- Inside calorie counter app provide age & weight
- After this click on weekly active date value & gender
- If you want to save entry click on save entry
- Otherwise click on find daily calorie intake button
- Now calorie counter will show the exact data of your calorie intake
- It will suggest you how much calories you have to take for losing or gaining weight

Pedometer – Step counter with calorie counter & BMI calculator is the best app to do all above actions with ease on your smartphone. Try step counter now and provide your feedback so that we can improve it further.>

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