Offline Surveys APK

Offline Surveys APK

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ApkLizard Editor's Team Note (Android Offline Surveys 1.41)
Offline Surveys App is developed by Offline Surveys and published in Business category on 2018-07-03 . Offline Surveys 's latest version is 1.41. According to our rating team, Offline Surveys 's rating score is 0 / 5. Please let us know any kind of comments or problems you face by commenting below.

Offline Surveys Description

Perfect fit for
● Kiosk Surveys (for Restaurants, retailers and service centers)
● Opinion polls and questionnaires
● Data gathering for market research personnel

Using Offline Surveys, any survey -with minimal tweaking- will be:
● Portable (runs regardless of internet availability)
● Synced (sends responses automatically)
● Secure (Locked with password protection)
● Android Multimedia Ready (Photos, Voice Notes, BarCode Scanner, Location and Menus)

● Run surveys created by LimeSurvey Offline. (LimeSurvey is the world's most popular open source (free) Survey tool, downloaded 10,000 times monthly, and available in 80 languages.)
● Use Android device capabilities with your survey (GPS, Camera, Voice Recorder, Barcode Reader & Android Menus)
● Send survey responses to yourself by email or transfer it to your PC
● Sync survey responses to your LimeSurvey server automatically, once internet is available. OfflineSurveys is the only app that stores responses on your own server
● Share your survey with your peers/co-workers by email or popular messaging apps
● Refresh your offline survey to copy any recent changes made on your online survey
● This App, is only helpful for running surveys offline. It will not help you create a survey from scratch (We use LimeSurvey for that)

Offline Surveys is free to download and use with unlimited surveys, questions and responses. PRO (customized) version removes limits on (Sync Responses and Lock Survey) Options

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