MyRiddles – Riddles with Answers & Brain Teasers APK

MyRiddles – Riddles with Answers & Brain Teasers APK

Developer: Javi Díez
Category:Free Trivia Games
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ApkLizard Editor's Team Note (Android MyRiddles – Riddles with Answers & Brain Teasers 2.4)
MyRiddles – Riddles with Answers & Brain Teasers Game is developed by Javi Díez and published in Trivia category on 2018-10-12 . MyRiddles – Riddles with Answers & Brain Teasers 's latest version is 2.4. According to our rating team, MyRiddles – Riddles with Answers & Brain Teasers 's rating score is 0 / 5. Please let us know any kind of comments or problems you face by commenting below.

MyRiddles – Riddles with Answers & Brain Teasers Description

In MyRiddles you'll find the best riddles with answers, mathematical riddles, short riddles, long riddles and logic riddles.

Imagine solving the most complex riddles while exercising your mind, and all this while having fun. We've created this addictive brain game to keep your little moments of entertainment always in the palm of your hand. Are you ready for the challenge?

You won't know boredom at any time. The best riddles with answers. The best thing about our riddles or tongue twisters, is that they are suitable for both kids and adults so it is a great source of learning, which will help us exercise our mind and all this while having fun.

In MyRiddles we have a lot of riddles:

❤️ Riddles with answers
❤️ Brain Teasers
❤️ Riddles in english
❤️ Riddles for kids with answers.
❤️ Hard riddles with answers
❤️ Popular riddles
❤️ Logical riddles
❤️ Riddles with pictures.

It may sound silly, but psychologists around the world agree that Brain teasers games and riddles with answers are extremely positive for anyone's learning, no matter how old they are.

This Brain Game is very positive for adults as it will help you develop mentally. Solving complex problems is very beneficial for many areas of everyday life.

Playing MyRiddles for a while every day will help you keep your mind alive and full of ideas.

Thanks to this entertaining game of logic with challenges, riddles, you will notice after a while the results achieved. Results that will translate into symptoms such as good mood, positivity or the desire to learn new things every day.

We will also be able to solve difficult and easy riddles that will help us to develop our capacity of resolution and approach of our brain. You will be able to improve your IQ and you will notice that you will approach your daily problems in a different way.

In MyRiddles you will play with Rubies, the more rubies you have, the easier it will be to overcome levels but don't worry because if you run out of them you will be able to get more for free.

Main characteristics:
❤️ All the riddles and the game are totally free.
❤️ Great collection of riddles with answers and Brain teasers.
❤️ Enjoy every day a great challenge with riddles of logic and mathematics.
❤️ It never ends, because we are adding new levels with more popular riddles.
❤️ You can share your riddles for Whatsapp.
❤️ You can get more rubies for free.
❤️ Challenge your friends and family with levels you've already surpassed.>

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