LoL Counter Pick APK

LoL Counter Pick APK

Developer: Evansir
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ApkLizard Editor's Team Note (Android LoL Counter Pick 1.9.1)
LoL Counter Pick App is developed by Evansir and published in Tools category on 2017-09-03 . LoL Counter Pick 's latest version is 1.9.1. According to our rating team, LoL Counter Pick 's rating score is 4.2 / 5. Please let us know any kind of comments or problems you face by commenting below.

LoL Counter Pick Description

- All the available League of Legends heroes and their counters.
- Tips to help you in match.
- Quick search.
- Easy and intuitive interface.

League of Legends, as well as other MOBA games has its own heroes relationship, their enemies and friends. If the first time, the appearance of the game, this relationship was not so noticeable, but now, each character has its direct enemy, so for example, lol vayne counters - is Ashe, Quinn and Twitch.

Benefits of Application

LoL Counter Pick app is completely free and works without the Internet. What gives you the freedom to use this app anywhere, because you do not necessarily have a home Wi-Fi or watch for an active Internet connection. League counter picks done using the programming language Java, which provides quick work on any device running OS Android. In the application, you can quickly find lol counters with built-in search engine that provides a quick overview of the desired character.

In app league counterpicks you will find all the popular characters such as Vayne, Diana, Ahri, Annie, Garen, Yasuo, their counters and tips by which victory will be even easier and closer.

If you have suggestions for improving LoL Counter, offer them with the forms of communication with the developer.>

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