Kontextra APK

Kontextra APK

Developer: KnowSpot,s.r.o.
Category:Free Events Apps
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ApkLizard Editor's Team Note (Android Kontextra 1.0.5)
Kontextra App is developed by KnowSpot,s.r.o. and published in Events category on 2018-02-06 . Kontextra 's latest version is 1.0.5. According to our rating team, Kontextra 's rating score is 5 / 5. Please let us know any kind of comments or problems you face by commenting below.

Kontextra Description

Thanks to Kontextra every visitor will avoid throwing away leaflets. They´ll have only information in their phone, that they choose themselves. Kontextra is easy to use and visitors can give the feedback to exhibitors immediately.

- Instead of heap of flyers, visitors have everything in their smartphone.
- Instead of a one-side boring presentation, visitors can communicate with the exhibitor.
- Flyer visitors would throw away, with Kontextra they have everything stored in their mobile and they can get back to it.
- Visitors have information from all the events they've attended in one app.
- Visitors always get new information from companies that they have been interested in.>

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