Greeble Dashcam APK

Greeble Dashcam APK

Developer: Greeble Software, LLC
Category:Free Auto & Vehicles Apps
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ApkLizard Editor's Team Note (Android Greeble Dashcam 1.6)
Greeble Dashcam App is developed by Greeble Software, LLC and published in Auto & Vehicles category on 2018-09-15 . Greeble Dashcam 's latest version is 1.6. According to our rating team, Greeble Dashcam 's rating score is 0 / 5. Please let us know any kind of comments or problems you face by commenting below.

Greeble Dashcam Description

(For the version of this app that can send Safetygrams™, see "BusyCop Dashcam.")

Greeble Dashcam is a powerful tool for professional drivers, like long-haul truckers.

How is this app different from other dashcam apps?
◦ It's free.
◦ No ads, no gimmicks -- no nonsense.
◦ Does not steal your data (the app does not have internet access; see Privacy Policy for details).
◦ Quickly review your entire drive using time-lapse playback.
◦ Records continuously, for long periods of time.
◦ Records in the background (with the screen off, or with another app in the foreground).
◦ Auto mode: Record only while plugged in to your car charger.
◦ Does not cram your "Videos" folder full of chopped-up movie files. Export only the data you need.
◦ Manages disk space for you: Just hit "record", and forget about it!

Other features:
◦ Time-shifting playback, up to 60x
◦ Forensic zoom
◦ Damage-resistant file system (DRFS)
◦ Record to the SD card
◦ Auto-mute mic during phone calls
◦ GPS history
◦ Battery temperature & level histories
◦ Also works on older phones

Tap the screen to place a marker, which enables you to quickly seek to interesting moments during playback. (You can also use voice control to place a marker.)

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