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Farming Tycoon APK

Developer: Kick Square Studio
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ApkLizard Editor's Team Note (Android Farming Tycoon 1.2)
Farming Tycoon Game is developed by Kick Square Studio and published in Simulation category on 2018-02-09 . Farming Tycoon 's latest version is 1.2. According to our rating team, Farming Tycoon 's rating score is 0 / 5. Please let us know any kind of comments or problems you face by commenting below.

Farming Tycoon Description

Welcome to the world of Farming Tycoon where you start your life from a simple farmer farming potatoes all the way up-to a budding Farming Tycoon farming more expensive fruits and vegetables found across the globe.

The main goal of this game is to become the best farming tycoon on this planet by defeating players around the globe and rank yourself among the elite tycoons.

This Game features 3 main tasks - Planting, Harvesting and Selling.
- The planting phase requires you to first plant a seed of a particular fruit/vegetable.
- The harvest phase requires you to harvest your crops in-order to collect your yeild which will be then be ready to be sold.
- The selling phase involves you to sell the harvested fruit/vegetable in the open market for other people to buy. Once they buy it you make profit !! *Hooray*

Along with the 3 main tasks you will also be presented with other side parameters to deal with in-order to become a prosperous farming tycoon :

- You will have to upgrade your tools for the 3 main tasks (plantation,harvest and selling)
in-order to increase the efficiency of the same.

- You will have to buy more storage for the 3 main tasks in-order to benefit from economies of scales.

- You will have to research more plants from potatoes and beetroot all the way up to more expensive fruits such as strawberry and watermelon. Researching is a vital phase so that you can get more value out of each time you mine and sell.

- You will have to then Explore the plants that your Research team has researched. The exploration team is responsible for exploring the vegetables and fruits. The rarer the plant the longer it will take your exploration team to explore it. So it is wise To upgrade your exploration team from time-to-time in-order to become a budding tycoon ASAP.

After Working hard as a tycoon you would want to take a break and have some extra fun in the global multiplayer casino - Roundup. In Roundup players place a sum of money on the table. More the money they put the higher is their probability of grabbing everyone's cash on the table.

Farming Tycoon also features Kick Square Friends - Where you can communicate with other tycoons around the globe. This gives you an opportunity to discuss strategies and have loads of fun with them.

If you face any issues whatsoever please feel free to contact us @ [email protected]

Good Luck,
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