EATELLIA - Food spotting made simple APK

EATELLIA - Food spotting made simple APK

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ApkLizard Editor's Team Note (Android EATELLIA - Food spotting made simple 1.6.9)
EATELLIA - Food spotting made simple App is developed by APPRIGHT LLP and published in Food & Drink category on 2018-05-17 . EATELLIA - Food spotting made simple 's latest version is 1.6.9. According to our rating team, EATELLIA - Food spotting made simple 's rating score is 0 / 5. Please let us know any kind of comments or problems you face by commenting below.

EATELLIA - Food spotting made simple Description

EATELLIA is the best social network for foodies: the social media channel exclusively for the food pictures. Food finder doesn’t have to be boring any more!


You like taking pictures of food? Do you also like to post it? When you post your food on other social networks you often annoy other non-foodie people.
It’s a shame! Your amazing photos are definitely worth foodspotting and sharing with foodies: people who do want to see them!
Post them on EATELLIA! Here you are welcome to!

Foodspotting with EATELLIA became very simple:

* SHARE your food pictures and tell your foodie-friends how it was.

* FOLLOW your friends to know where they go, what they order, how it looks like and how they like it.

* DISCOVER new interesting places your friends have shared and get IDEAS from your trusted foodies where to go and what to order, even abroad!

*POST your own cookery as well and discuss the recipes with other foodies

* KEEP a history of your favorite places, dishes and recipes.

This is NOT an app for ratings, recommendations, reviews and other useless info about restaurants. We filled foodspotting with meaning. EATELLIA helps foodies discover places and dishes to eat using your FRIENDS’ experiences and not recommendations by random strangers with unknown taste! EATELLIA is a food finder with personal touch!

EATELLIA is like a messenger group where you discuss food with your close friends. Only less words, more PICTURES!>

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