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Draw APK

Developer: TOPNET2014
Category:Free Comics Apps
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Draw Screenshot
Draw Screenshot

ApkLizard Editor's Team Note (Android Draw 1.7)
Draw App is developed by TOPNET2014 and published in Comics category on 2016-11-02 . Draw 's latest version is 1.7. According to our rating team, Draw 's rating score is 3.5 / 5. Please let us know any kind of comments or problems you face by commenting below.

Draw Description

application for drawing \n Draw anything on the screen.! It\'s a great way to spend your free time! ***** v1.50 *****
- Enlarge and narrow photograph
- Fixed incorrect work of undo/redo functions after the loss of canvas focus
- Graphics interface optimize***** v1.30 *****
- Improve the undo/redo algorithms
- Fixed the "just a blank screen" error on some devices
- Changed some menu icons***** v1.20 *****
- Ability to set a picture as a wallpaper added.
- Added a setting behavior when exiting the application
- Added backup setting for opened files
- Added an action setting for volume control buttons
- Improved orientation determination of opened files
- Fixed a bug resulting in data loss when opening the hardware keyboard

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