Tarneeb 41 - طرنيب 41 APK

Tarneeb 41 - طرنيب 41 APK

Developer: Golden-Games
Category:Free Card Games
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Tarneeb 41 - طرنيب 41 Screenshot
Tarneeb 41 - طرنيب 41 Screenshot

ApkLizard Editor's Team Note (Android Tarneeb 41 - طرنيب 41
Tarneeb 41 - طرنيب 41 Game is developed by Golden-Games and published in Card category on 2017-01-07 . Tarneeb 41 - طرنيب 41 's latest version is According to our rating team, Tarneeb 41 - طرنيب 41 's rating score is 4.2 / 5. Please let us know any kind of comments or problems you face by commenting below.

Tarneeb 41 - طرنيب 41 Description

Tarneeb is a game for two teams, each team consists of players sitting opposite one another on the playing table, using one set of playing cards 52 the direction of play counter-clockwise. Each player's mission is to try to estimate the number of Allmat (dishes) that his team can be obtained in each round Play
The player who won the bid to declare Tarneeb then throw any type of paper on the floor and the other players must throw papers of the same type starts, wins Bamh His top sheet and the next sheet by throwing winnerIf the throw paper on the floor was not one of the players with the paper of the same type, have this player throwing paper Tarneeb option. Tarneeb papers are considered more powerful than any other paper and Bamh be the winner is the one who threw the paper Tarneeb unless throw paper Tarneeb strongerThe tour ends at the end of the players leavesPoints accountYou must be on a winning team bid to try to get the number Allmat which they expected or moreIf the team managed to get this number, the number is added Allmat they got their points to the other team does not take any pointsIf the team did not succeed to obtain this number, are raised from their points are added and the number of Allmat obtained by the other team to their pointsIf the two teams to get a wig 13 without requiring 13, 16 points are added to the total points, but if the team asked 13 and earned them 26 points is added to the total pointsIf one of the two teams at the request WIG 13 and did not succeed to obtain them, it will be deducted 16 points from the total pointsThe game ends when the arrival of the two teams a total score of 41 or more and this team is a winner

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