Battle Balls: Epic Multiplayer PvP (Unreleased) APK

Battle Balls: Epic Multiplayer PvP (Unreleased) APK

Developer: PlayFlock
Category:Free Arcade Games
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ApkLizard Editor's Team Note (Android Battle Balls: Epic Multiplayer PvP (Unreleased) 1.1)
Battle Balls: Epic Multiplayer PvP (Unreleased) Game is developed by PlayFlock and published in Arcade category on 2017-10-21 . Battle Balls: Epic Multiplayer PvP (Unreleased) 's latest version is 1.1. According to our rating team, Battle Balls: Epic Multiplayer PvP (Unreleased) 's rating score is 0 / 5. Please let us know any kind of comments or problems you face by commenting below.

Battle Balls: Epic Multiplayer PvP (Unreleased) Description

Borders between virtual and real world were erased! Battle Balls makes you plunge into the future world, to feel the futuristic battle's excitement, and the taste of victory of pure PvP only multiplayer game. We invite you to join the Battle Balls army to play our exciting game on your device. Filled with action and non-stop fighting, our game puts you at risk of spending hours or more likely days for mastering your skill to be the best out there. One thing we can tell for sure - you won’t be bored!

❂ Competitive spirit.
❂ Rating system: increase your rank and receive chests with a reward
❂ Join forces and split emotions about this game with your friends.
❂ Fight your enemies and leave a trail of destruction behind you.
❂ Turn your neon ball into a huge sphere in the epic royale clash!
❂ Increase your power.
❂ Accomplish daily quests.
❂ Earn game currency.
❂ Choose your own path to victory, with your own set of skills!

❂ Online multiplayer.
❂ All bals have unique skins.
❂ Leaderboards update in real time.
❂ All skills can be upgraded.

❂ Tap the left part of the screen for turning left.
❂ Tap the right part of the screen for turning right.

❂ Don’t forget about energy elements on the field.
❂ Use game abilities and defeat larger enemies than you. Boom! And your enemies burst into shreds!
❂ You need 3G/LTE or high WI-FI connection for convenient game.
❂ Try different internet-connections, if you have it.
❂ Close any background apps, which can use internet-connection or slow down your device if have less than 1GB RAM.>

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